The Air-kit for 31-41 engines

Let your engine breathe and save money from not buying air filters and crankcase filters at every service and get a smoother run on your engine.

With this "Air kit" you move the crankcase ventilation outlet to the valve cover (this is upgraded on a newer year model) and also change the air filter to a washable power raising air filter.

The new valve cover also has an oil trap that stops oil mist coming out of the crankcase.

Do this :

Unscrew the crankcase filter (876069) and plug the hole with our custom-made plug.

Replace 1st: 2nd or 3rd valve cover with the new valve cover with oil trap.

Fit the hose and guide it down the side of the engine.

When you have done this, unscrew the old air filter can (leave the rubber ring) and install the new power-raising air filter.


Engines have problems with the crankcase filter clogging (leaking oil around the filter) or oil mist passing through the crankcase filter then sticking and clogging to the air filter and even the intercooler if you are unlucky.

This is because the old 31-41 engines have no crankcase ventilation with oil trap.

(The engine becomes powerless with a clogged air filter and can black smoke heavily when it does not get air properly)

The oil trap in the new valve cover causes the oil mist to remain in the engine and out comes only crankcase air.

The insert in the valve cover is completely maintenance free and never need to be replaced again.

The package includes:

1 valve cover

1 oil trap insert

4 screws

1 gasket

4 nut

1 rubber hose (1 meter)

1 hose clamp

2 ribbons

1 custom-made plug

1 Air filter

The new cover needs painting.

Instruktion video

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